Speed is all about the skates. Temperature, moisture and riding style put different demands on materials, profiles and finish. With experience of few hundreds skates we have achieved some good results.

We supply upon order high quality skates made by water jet cutting and CNC out of several metal options. Hand made finnish provides best end result. There is no serial production, but quality and also price are kept at reasonable level by making batch at a time.

Standard skates are (price includes VAT 24%):

  • HiSkate A, suited for damp and soft ice out of special stainless steel 145 Eur/Set
  • HiSkate B, basic stainless steel skate 125 Eur/set
  • HiSkate C, faster skate with small difference in sharpening 140 Eur/set
  • HiSkate D, carbon steel, faster on cold and dry ice 125 Eur/set
  • HiSkate S, skate is higher by 40 mm allowing riding through small snow patches and on bad surface 150 Eur/set
  • Also available are skate protectors 15 Eur/set and positioning rolls (rolls and plastic brackets, no screws) 20 Eur/set.
  • Production is started when batch size is ordered, delivery takes normally 3-5 weeks.
  • It is also possible to produce special skates, large DN-skates, special coatings, guides etc…

"We might also have some spare parts and "left overs" laying around, so let us know, what you are looking for!