Windsurfing day on spring ice near Levi or Ylläs

Windsurfing day on spring ice near Levi or Ylläs

The day starts when van picks you up from your location and we head towards lake with best sailing conditions. We start with short theory part and putting protectors on. Thereafter you will get to sailing – free travel with spring winds.

Apart from the sailing you will also get chance to play with something else – ice fishing, fresbee golf, alpine curling... Whatever suits the conditions. We also make small camp fire with coffee and sausages. At the end we can have a small race for everyone or just sail around a bit more.

We recommend to put on good winter shoes or boots, warm sport underwear and wind proof suit on top of it. It does not get cold at all when sailing, but when waiting you will like to have thicker jacket on. Take thin skiing gloves for sailing and some thicker ones or warming up (your hands will get numb if you hold the boom with thick gloves). will bring protectors, but own helmets and goggles are recommended.

Duration is about 4 – 5 hours. We go on lake ice mostly on sunny spring days when daylight is long.

Package contains transportation, teaching, snow shoes, sailing equipment, protectors, coffee, sausages and some warm drink uphills. Take a note, we do not go sailing in strong winds, when it gets too cold or visibility is poor. It's easy to start sailing, but there is some chance that you will get your feet wet (with water ON ice). We offer service normally in English and Finnish, but if booked separately, also Russian and German are possible.

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