Basic training

Basic training

(in a group of minimum 4 people, about 2 hrs)

This is a good way to start. We normally organise these during the weekends somewhere near Helsinki. We rig the sails and teach you the basic handling. You will learn, how to control the sled, adjust the speed and make turns. After couple of hours you shall be able to start sailing by yourself. At the end we can also try to race a bit.

You should bring your own wind proof suit (do not take too warm one!), high winter shoes, downhill skiing helmet, good gloves. If you have your own protectors, take them with you. On cold days take also some warmer cloths with you for brakes between the sailing. It is also a good idea to take a thermos of something warm to drink and chocolate or muesli bar to keep the motivation up. We will bring the rest.!

140 €/person

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