Teaching and rental

There is no need to own everything - we share our equipment and experience! Instead of struggling with home-made equipment in unknown conditions you can get best possible gear adjusted for the conditions, we also know, which spot is the best at the moment.

We offer upon order teaching and equipment. Sailing places are Bodom lake (Espoo), other spots near Helsinki, Levi, Ylläs and Pallas in Lapland and then numerous places around Finland. Ice and snow conditions change fast and we try to find best places every week. We also make sure, that places are safe to sail.
We serve both private clients and larger groups:

We also rent our equipment. For the beginners initial training is provided. If you are all for it, we can start to teach you how to race with the sails.

We rent skate or ski sleds and windsurfing rigs. Sail sizes and appropriate sleds are chosen in accordance with sailing conditions and your skills. In addition to sleds and sails we also have some protectors. You should bring your own wind proof suit (do not take too warm one!), high winter shoes, downhill skiing helmet, good gloves. If you have your own protectors, take them with you. On cold days take also some warmer cloths with you for brakes between the sailing. It is also a good idea to take a thermos of something warm to drink and chocolate or muesli bar to keep the motivation up

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